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 The I2G Difference

i2g is unlike any other opportunity that you will come across. We are the first company to combine social media and online gaming. Online gaming is going to be a 150 Billion dollar industry by 2015 and we are here and want to give you the chance to pocket money each time a bet is placed in our online casino

I2g is fairly new and now is your chance to get in on the ground level. We have amassed hundreds of 20k and above earners in as little for some as 30 days. If you are a true team builder this is for you. If you are looking for a passive approach then this is for your as well. By simply purchasing one of our emperor packages you are entitled to 25% of casino profits forever. Depending on your leadership position you can end up earning to 50% of the business volume that the casino brings in. We give you 6 exciting ways to get paid. Join us today and stake your first step towards financial independence.


Social Media

Not only can you profit from the casino we also have a revolutionary platform that consolidates all of your social media into one place. It’s your ultimate personal and business network marketing tool. You also share in the profits from those who purchase products through the I2G Touch Program as well. The i2g team has positioned us in 2 crucial markets that are ready to explode. Take part of the profits and join us today


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i2g Casino

i2g online casino and gaming opportunity\

Dennis Dvornin

Team Sure Bet Team Leader



After Possibly the worst 2012 you could have, Dennis made 2013 the best year of his life. Hear more about Dennis and his life altering experience with i2g in the video located in the flashing images at the top.

Amazing Management Team

Rick Maike CEO


Rick Maike

Our Ceo and VP have over 50 years in the network marketing industry. Rick Maike CEO has 2 other network marketing companies that he founded which have a combined revenue of over 200 million dollars. Rick’s vision as CEO is unmatched. Rick has trained and spoken to thousands of people in his lengthy career.


Aside from the millions earned and success in the business arena , his main focus is and always will be helping people achieve earnings and success that they never thought possible. Rick started i2g because he saw and immense value in a company that had the ability to be global instantly and sustainability. You can be assure that the internet and gambling wont be disappearing anytime soon. Rick has a great perspective on network marketing and business in general he is the type of leader that can make i2g a billion dollar company


Doyce Barns VP of Marketing


Doyce Barns

Doyce has a unique perspective on business and has been successful in many area. From restaurants to jewelry stores Doyce has shown that he can create success time and time again. Aside from successful business proprietorship Doyce has been involved in network marketing since 1988 and has been passionate about it ever since.

He became the $1,000,000 per year earner in his very first company and was recognized this past November as one of only 13 Million Dollar earners in a DSA Global top 100 company. Doyce is passionate about helping people worldwide and has built organizations in over 15 countries. He will be helping the teams at I2G experience the success they deserve by leading from the front and blazing a path for others to follow







Amazing Profits

Imagine being paid 5-10k per month for the rest of your life. here at I2G their are no limits on your income and get paid to infinity. Within the first 2 months of the company their were several people who earned well over 150 thousand yes 150 Thousand Dollars. This is the real deal. Every business is expanding into the online arena and casinos are no different. Casinos see this as a viable option to increase profits and decrease overhead. I2G has partnered with an already existing online casino to capitalize on the market place

World wide their are many regulatory agencies that govern gambling, I2G carries a Tier 1 Licences for all of its gambling sites and activities in over 90 soon to be 230 countries. Our business model and licences are bullet proof. Opportunities like this are few and far, don’t miss out. Get paid out for each person you sponsor and on every bet laid in the casino.


Winning Formula

I2G has the winning formula for long term ongoing success. Instead of going the road alone join Team Sure Bet and find out how we have lead hundreds of people to recurring revenue and ongoing business success in as little as 30-60 days. Imaging making a years worth of income in a single week.

Your friends, family and ex coworkers will be amazed at the transformation that has occurred in your life. Finally you have the option to make as much money as you want. If you work this business to the max then their are no limits. The only limits you face are how hard you want to work. Some will be happy with 5k per month and other wont settle until they are making 30k per week. Either way the fastest way to your goal is with Team Sure Bet



Four Reasons to Work with Us

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Look at Team Sure Bet as your magic wand to making endless piles of income appear. With a little bit of hard work and open mind and a good up line anything is possible. With I2G your only limits are those you impose on yourself. If you want recession proof income and to be involved in a booming market JOIN NOW


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The management team at Sure Bet has done 30 years of network marketing EBA Experience (EBA = everything but amway) We can take you from network marketing failure to Network marketing super star. As long as your open to direction and willing to work hard.


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Knowledge is power. With our weekly webinars and phone training you will never feel alone or not in the know. We even have a in house tech team for those who are not computer savy. If you are not a social media guru or online gambling jockey you can still be effective and make thousands our top earner can hardly send and email.


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World Wide Reach

Team Sure Bet has teams on the ground in 15 countries. We have someone available to you who can meet your friends in Singapore or Thailand or timbuktu if need be. Take advantage of our team building skills and build a strong deep down line fast.


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